New Year’s Resolution: Happy, Healthy You

New-Years-ResolutionsJanuary 1st may have come and gone, but it’s never too late to start being healthy. Whether you skipped resolutions altogether this year or you’ve reached your limit and given up (25% usually give up on resolutions after 1 week), this is a new semester, a new start! Classes are starting back up which means you can start a routine with it – and stick to it! We’ve gathered some various resolutions and tips for a healthier you in 2014.

1.  Weight Loss

One of the most popular resolutions made each year have to do with losing weight. A big thing to remember about weight loss is that it is a process. Don’t expect results overnight. Make sure to keep a positive attitude and instead of counting each pound, focus on how you feel. If you treat your body well, you’ll feel better which will help you to know that it is working, even if you can’t see the results just yet.


  • Try keeping a food journal. It can be eye-opening when you realize what you’re actually eating and drinking throughout the day.
  • Download our Campus Dish Mobile Nutrition App or use the iPads in Sadler, RFoC and the Commons to look up what’s on the menu and get an estimate of how many calories, carbs, and grams of fat your foods contain.
  • Portion Control. You may be tempted to get three or four scoops of pasta instead of one, but most serving utensils are sized to a single portion. Ex: A single serving of soup is 8oz. so the ladle in the soup holds 8oz.

 2.  Be Active

Adults (adult may be too strong of a word for you, but let’s face it, you’re not a kid anymore) should aim for 30 minutes of activity daily. Try picking up your pace when walking to class and take the long route. If you don’t have time between class, take a study break and go to the pool at the Rec. Center to do some laps. Don’t wanna go out? Put on your favorite playlist and dance like crazy right where you are (you may need headphones). Get up and get your heart going – every little bit adds up and something is better than nothing. You can also find a buddy and keep each other accountable.

exam stress3.  Reduce Your Stress

Reducing stress may seem impossible when thinking about courses, clubs, studying, and group meetings, but be sure to take time out to do something for you. Don’t forget to sleep, either. Too many all-nighters will hurt more than help and cause more stress and strain. Meet up with friends or take time to yourself for some stress-free time.

4.  Stay in Touch

Classes and studying can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Be sure to plan for breaks in your day to hang out with friends, call your mom, or Skype a hometown friend. Here is an article about how friends keep you healthier.

Other Good for You Resolutions:

  • Cut back on sodium
  • Up your antioxidant intake
  • Isolated Road Sign: Healthy LifeFloss
  • Use sunscreen all year long
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Find fruits and vegetables you actually enjoy and eat those!
  • Get organized to reduce stress and save time
  • Sleep more
  • Up your confidence
    • Stop pointing out the bad about you or in your life
    • Compliment yourself and others
    • Find the good things and focus on those – don’t bring yourself down
  • Drink more water
  • Quit smoking
    • It’s bad for your health, and you could use that time for something else!

No matter what resolution(s) you choose, remember to take baby steps. If you fixate on the outcome, you will drive yourself crazy from lack of results when you’re just starting. Focus on the small daily decisions that will move you closer to your goal. Keep it positive and those good decisions will turn into daily habits that will make you healthier before you even know it!

More on healthy resolutions:,,20452233,00.html


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